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Windfall - Jackpot tournaments


Welcome hot new promotion at PokerDom - S'n'G tournaments with jackpot Windfall! Windfall means unexpected luck and income. And this is absolutely true, because now, just in a few minutes you can win a part of the prize pool of $250 000 by paying only $5 for participation!


Before the begining of each Windfall tournament prize fund is selected randomly and can be from 2 to 50,000 buy-ins. In game participate three players, starting stake of each is 500 chips and blinds increase each 3 minutes. You can participate in one tournament or register in 4 at once, to have more chances to win a jackpot!


At PokerDom Windfall tournaments are presented in several buy-ins - $0,25, $1, $3, $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100! Even in the most affordable tournaments with buy-in of $0,25 you have a chance to win share of $250 prize fund.


Check out the full table of buy-ins and chance of drawing, enter poker room lobby, go to Windfall and win huge prizes! You don't need to sit for hours in one tournament to win good prizes. Have a free minute? Windfall is exactly what you need!



Additional Terms

1. General Terms & Conditions apply.
2. Rake in all Windfall tournaments is 5%.
3. You can register at 4 Windfall tournaments at the same time.
4. By participating in Windfall tournaments, player accepts the risk of sudden internet-connection problems, which can influence the final results of tournament.
5. If Windfall tournament is paused or canceled the final prize fund is distributed in next way: if prize fund is multiplied by 2, each player receives the buy-in back. If prize fund is multiplied by 4 or more, whole prize fund is distributed respectively to the stakes of players.