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Rakeback and VIP-levels

Rakeback is return of a rake, i.e. of a fee charged by the poker-room during the game from each bet of a player. Rakeback is an additional bonus for players of all levels. At Pokerdom rake equals 5%. At first glance, it is a small commission, but during active gambling it can accumulate into valuable amount, from which you can get back a nice bonus. At present, there are three types of rakeback calculations (Contributed, Deal and Shared), that directly influences the size of rakeback a player receives. Pokerdom uses the most fair one, Contributed.

Rakeback at Pokerdom is set depending on the player’s VIP level. Currently, there are 8 levels:

All periods of the new system are the calendar ones. Every three months is one calendar quarter of a year. For example, you have achieved an "Emerald" VIP level in the first quarter (January, February or March). From that moment you already hold this status during the first quarter and you have to prove it by the end of the second quarter (April, May or June). This also applies to all other levels.

Rakeback is set as a VIP-points.

  • a. Crystal - 0.5 VIP-point for rake of 1 RUB.
  • b. Pearls - 1 VIP-point for rake of 1 RUB.
  • c. Topaz - 1.5 VIP-points for rake of 1 RUB.
  • d. Alexandrite - 2 VIP-points for rake of 1 RUB.
  • e. Emerald - 2.5 VIP-points for rake of 1 RUB.
  • f. Rubin - 3 of VIP-points for rake of 1 RUB.
  • g. Sapphire - 3.5 VIP-points for rake of 1 RUB.
  • h. Diamond - 4 VIP-points for rake of 1 RUB.

What VIP-points can be exchanged into?

1. Into real money. You can do it yourself at any time at the rate of 10 VIP-points = 1 RUB. The minimum amount to exchange in RUB = 250 (2500 points). The minimum amount to exchange in USD or EUR is 5 USD / EUR (in this case, the required number of points depends on the exchange rate at the time of conversion. For example: 1 USD = 70 RUB (700 points). In this case, the minimum amount of points for exchange  equals  5*700 = 3500 points.

2. Into tournaments buy-ins. You can pay for participation in our tournaments using VIP-points! During tournament registration you will be suggested to buy-in using real money or VIP-points, if you have a sufficient amount. Note: in case you enter a tournament playing by VIP-points you will not get the rakeback for the rake, paid by VIP-points. To maximize the benefit from using VIP-points, you should first exchange them into real money, and then use them to enter a tournament.

3. Into items in the Pokerdom store.